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Oklahoma Wesleyan University Art Classes Wiki is about the study of Christian art,...1)the influence of works of art on our faith and prayers, 2)the study of the differences between spiritual and religious art and 3)how to think and write about art.

Ancient Holy Land Quarry DiscoveryEdit

Describe in detail a symbol that was reported to have been found in the Quarry and tell us the meaning of the symbol. You may not duplicate someone else's reported symbol.

They found many symbols including 31 crosses dating back to AD 350. Zertal believed the stones of this quarry were used in buildings and churches inthe region but further research was needed. As Christians the cross is a symbol of God’s power; of the work he did to save us. It is the focus of our pride and the symbol of our salvation. Taken from website: Every time I see a cross I remember just how much Christ loves me, that He was willing to pay for every sin everyone has committed and everyone we are going to commit. All anyone has to do is believe in Him to recieve the power of His forgiveness. John 3:16 Sherry Tipton

Latest activityEdit

One of the many interesting symbols found in the Quarry was a possible wheel of the Zodiac sign. The Zodiacs were like calendars, and expressed a belief of a cyclical passage of time. The Roman Empire used Zodiacs during the first part of the second century. They were seen in the floors of churches and synagogues. People believed in the power of the stars and planets to affect earthly events. The Roman zodiac runs as this, Aries, Taurus,Gemini,Cancer,Leo,Virgo then a break at the bottom then Libra,Scorpio,Sagittarius,Capricorn,Aquarius and Pisces. Archeologists have long known that ancient cultures relied on astrology as a way of keeping track of seasons etc. Teresa W.
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